Located in Wellington, Glenside is a wonderful village similar to Ongaonga. The village dates back to the 1840s and was the halfway point between Wellington and Porirua. For more information on Glenside head to their website  

Heritage New Zealand

Heritage New Zealand is dedicated to the conservation of New Zealand’s most significant historical places. The history of New Zealand is important to our national identity and should be protected for future generations to enjoy. Heritage New Zealand’s list of important historical buildings features many of the museum’s buildings and supports the preservation of these buildings. To view their heritage lists or to find out more head to 

Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation is the New Zealand’s government’s agency responsible for conserving and protecting the countries natural environment and historic heritage. Their website contains information about New Zealand’s wildlife, historic landmarks, heritage places and other things to do in New Zealand. Useful for finding walks and hikes to do around Hawkes Bay and New Zealand. Head to to find out more about DoC.

Central Hawkes Bay District Council

Ongaonga is located in Central Hawkes Bay and is therefore under the Central Hawkes Bay District Council’s jurisdiction. Ongaonga’s roads, town hall and museum toilets are managed by the Council.  Their official website:

NZ Museums

NZ Museums is a website that showcases all the museums and galleries.  Head to to find other New Zealand museums.

New Zealand Historical Societies

The Ongaonga Historical Society is a member of the New Zealand history federation Inc. Members are made up of historical societies from around New Zealand, which they support and assist. To find out more about the NZHF or view other societies head to

Kiwi as Toilets

This compilation of convenient conveniences will have you bursting to make pit-stop detours from better-travelled routes in order to frequent the funniest facilities, most decorative dunnies and best loos with views that New Zealand has to offer.

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Automobile Association of New Zealand is one of the most respected organizations of New Zealand with services including travel maps and a range of motoring services and advice. Other services include insurance, roadside breakdown assistance and AA smart fuel offers for their members.


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