Does the museum only open on a Sunday afternoon?
Answer… The museum opens routinely on Sunday afternoons with the kind help of the Ongaonga Historical Society member volunteers. However, it may be possible we open at different times to accommodate visits outside those hours. For larger groups, we have been known to additionally put on a cup of tea and cake for a small fee. Please email us with your requirements and we can work with you for your visiting needs at info@ongaongamuseum.org.nz.
Is the historical society an Incorporated Society of New Zealand?

Answer...Yes, Ongaonga Historical Society Inc. was incorporated in November 1994 by the Registrar of Inc. Societies New Zealand.

Are any of the museum buildings listed or special?

Answer… Yes, there are three Heritage New Zealand listed buildings at the museum. The schoolhouse and the butcher shop are both Category 2 listings. The Coles building is a Category 1 listing and is significant and unique. It is likely the only building of its type and age in New Zealand. We are also working with our local Council to have the Ongaonga museum scheduled in the district plan. To ensure the museum is further maintained and protected for future generations of visitors.

What else can I see or do in Ongaonga after visiting the museum?

Answer… using our walking tour brochure, you can meander through the village and learn about other interesting historical features and sites of Ongaonga. There are numerous other Heritage New Zealand listed community buildings, residences and sites in Ongaonga village.


Are my donations to the Coles factory or Ongaonga museum tax-deductible?

Answer… donations that meet the requirements of New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department qualify as a tax-deductible donation. When donating, we issue a receipt compliant with the IRD requirements to allow for a tax credit. If you require further specific information, please contact us at info@ongaongamuseum.org.nz

How can I help at the museum or become a member of the Ongaonga Historical Society?

Answer… We are always looking for keen, active volunteers and new memberships. We have working bee days in addition to other routine maintenance and restoration tasks we often require assistance with. We also invite and encourage friendship with the Coles building through donating to this worthy restoration cause. Contact us to find out more about how you can help or become a member today. Alternatively, see the become a friend of the Coles building page to donate now.


What resources and historical information can I access through the museum?

Answer… We hold seval printed format books, newspaper articles, official records and unpublished personal memoirs and stories. We are working through a process to digitise these to make access readily available at the museum. Please contact us with your needs and for further information about the records we have and how to have access.

Are the museum buildings safe for children?
Answer… We welcome people of all ages to come and visit the museum. While visiting, we ask that all health and safety advice and notices are adhered to so your visit is enjoyable. We often have school children visiting and children with their parents and families. We suggest that small children or toddlers are well supervised by their guardians when visiting the museum buildings.

If you have questions or queries, please head to the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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