The Coles Building

The Coles building is intrinsic to the historical context of New Zealand and Ongaonga. The building is a Heritage New Zealand category 1 listed building. It is a unique building of its type and era in New Zealand. Ongaonga’s Historical Society needs your help to preserve this special piece of history.

The Coles Building was constructed in 1878 by Edward Purkis Coles as a builders and joiners factory and had 17 employees at the time of opening. Over the years the building has housed a variety of trades including carpentry, surveying, interior decorating, painting, blacksmith, plumbing and even had an undertaker operating out of the building. Some of their work can be seen in the Coles portfolio gallery.

The Ongaonga Historical Society has plans to restore and preserve this amazing building. However, the society relies on donations to be able to carry out these plans. If you would like to donate please click the button below. Every donation counts and is greatly appreciated.


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