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Become a friend of the Ongaonga museum and help protect this fabulous museum for generations to come. The Ongaonga museum is managed by the Ongaonga Historical Society, founded by E.S. Bibby to protect the buildings of the museum. The society relies on the kind donations from our visitors and benefactors for the preservation and maintenance of the museum grounds and buildings. Becoming a friend of the Ongaonga museum ensures that future generations can enjoy this unique museum. Each building has its own unique history and has played a vital role in the development of Central Hawkes Bay and New Zealand.

Our charitable aims are as follows: 

  • The Ongaonga museum collection of buildings, artefacts and records are subject to proper custodial control and that these remain available to future generations 

  • The museum buildings, artefacts and records are maintained and conserved to the highest possible standards and that visitors can view them in the best possible conditions 

  • As much of the museum buildings artefacts as possible are displayed so they can be seen by members of the public and that records can be made available as appropriate to members of the public

  • The buildings, artefacts and records we hold are presented and interpreted so as to enhance public appreciation and understanding of early New Zealand settlement (more specifically 1870’s to 1940’s) and of rural and pioneer life in the Ongaonga area of Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

  • Access to the Ongaonga museum and its collection is broadened and increased (subject to capacity) to ensure that as many people as possible are able to visit the collection of museum buildings, view the artefacts and the records we contain 
  • Appropriate acquisitions are made to the collection when resources become available 

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